Earthing Systems

 What is earthing?

 Types of low voltage networks

 Foundation earthing

 Section of the conductor

 Calculation of earth resistance according to soil types

 Soil resistivity values

 Ground enhancement component

Exothermic Welding Systems

 Exothermic welding systems applications

Lightning Protection Systems

 Protection level selection of lightning protection systems

 Map of average number of days with lightnings / storms in Turkey

 Determining the alpha angle and placement of lightning rod according to protection level

 Materials, configuration and smallest areas of air termination conductors, air termination rods and down conductors

 LPS materials and application conditions

 Equipments, configuration and minimum sizes for earth electrodes

 Materials and minimum section areas of equipotential conductors

 Roof installation details for conductors

 Protection radius of lightning arrester

Surge Protection Systems

 What Is A Surge Protective Device (SPD)?
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