ESCO Elektrik
Earthing Systems

As a crucial safety element in electrical networks, earthing infrastructures have gained their long-deserved importance in the last years. Consequently, application criteria have improved with widening diversity of equipments.
Having keen expertise in the application field, our company strives to serve beyond sales in providing every sort of equipment.  In a sector that requires quick and correct delivery, Esco is able to meet the requirements of the customers with a wide product range of copper and galvanized conductors and related connection elements in a promt fashion thanks to its diligence in stock and transportation.

Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning, one of the most serious natural disasters, has increasing threats worldwide on human life and premises alike. Although unavoidable, it is still possible to minimize the damages. Starting from 1800's and improving in parallel with advanced technologies, the quest for lightning protection has reached a level where fears and concerns have gradually been diminishing.
We offer all sorts of equipments to our customers both through importing and production along with a know-how on engineering and expertise. In every field of the lightning protection industry, which can be classified as active lightning rods, caging methods and surge protection, we deliver products and services that strictly comply with  national regulations and production criteria.

Cable Tray Systems

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